Preen Lawn Weed Control
Kills Over 200 Weeds
with Built-in
Battery Powered Spreader

Preen Lawn Weed Control
Preen Lawn Weed Control 5 lbs
With Built-in
Battery Operated Spreader

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Ships Free to U.S.
Lower 48 States

Nothing can ruin the look of a lawn faster than weeds. Preen Lawn Weed Control can help solve that problem. Preen, as you may know, is the maker of other garden weed control products. This product is designed to be used on weeds that are actively growing in lawns. 

What is even better, a battery powered spreader is built-in into the container. Simply activate the batteries and you are quickly and efficiently spreading Preen on your lawn. It has already been pre-calibrated so there is no mess and now worries. 

Plus, the container is refillable. So when you are out of product, simply refill it with more Preen Lawn Weed Control and you are back in business. One container covers 2500 sq. ft. 

Preen Lawn Weed Control is Safe on Most Grasses

Always read the label completely before using any weed control product. It is important to make sure this can be used on the type of grass you have. However, it can be safely used on cool season grasses, such as fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and ryegrass. It can also be used on warm season grasses such as bermudagrass, centipede grass and zoysia as well as others.

Note: Do not use Preen Lawn Weed Control in your garden. It is designed for lawns. This product is NOT a preemergent and applying to growing flowers or garden plants will harm or kill them.

Click Here for a Video of the Preen Ready2Go Spreader

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