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We receive hundreds of questions each year. The following pages contain selected lawn care questions submitted by visitors of this website. Questions and answers are almost always an excellent source of information that addresses subjects not covered elsewhere. I have tried to get a wide range of content that should prove to be helpful to most everyone.

Why We Value the Questions We Receive

No matter how detailed an article may be on a specific topic, there are always questions that seem to go unanswered. For this reason we encourage our readers to write to us that we may address their questions specifically. It also shows us the possibility we have overlooked something that might be included in future articles.

Here is a tip to keep in mind: Some of the lawn care questions and answers can be applied to other areas. For example, advice about top dressing a fescue grass lawn works equally well for bermudagrass or other grass varieties.

However, references to fertilizer rates for one particular grass species cannot necessarily be applied in the same amounts to other grasses. In addition, different types of fertilizers, including tree fertilizer, are made with a wide range of ingredients. The application rate for one bag of fertilizer may be very different for another type of fertilizer. Our page on calculating fertilizer rates is extremely useful and can show you how to apply the amount you are seeking regardless of the fertilizer you are using. Check out our page on Calculating Fertilizer Rates

About Personal Information

Personal or private information that can positively identify the visitor or that would allow others to contact the visitor has been removed to protect privacy. In some cases the visitor has allowed us to use their complete name or business information, but we still remove private contact information. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors may have been corrected, but the question remains as was submitted. At times specific keywords related to the question may have been added to make it more searchable.

Some questions and answers will be added shortly. This is a new page and we will be adding more tree and lawn care questions and answers each day. Please check back often for added material.

Controlling Voles in your Lawn

Voles are similar to lawn moles except the voles primary diet are plants. They eat roots, bark, flowers and any vegetation at ground level. Find out how to control these damaging pests.

Chinch Bugs and Control Question

Chinch bugs can be very aggressive and can destroy a lawn quickly, especially in St. Augustine grass. Learn how to identify the pest and what to use to get rid of them.

Crabgrass Preemergent Herbicide Questions

Using a preemergent herbicide is the most effective way of controlling crabgrass and foxtails. Check out our visitors questions regarding its use and the best products.

Question on Controlling Crabgrass in Summer

How do you kill crabgrass after it has spread? Read this question and answer on how to beat your crabgrass problem and make sure it doesn't come back.

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