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Lawn Care Academy was developed to offer helpful advice to all who have dreamed of having a great looking lawn or pasture. It is all here, from the proper way to do a soil test to developing a complete fertilization program. You will find everything you need to know to do it correctly and safely. A beautiful lawn is a work of art, a joy to look at, and a pleasure to play on. It increases your home's curb appeal and raises property values.

Home Lawns, Sod Growers, Sports Turf

Let's face it. Beautiful lawns have never occurred by accident. Nature alone can't produce quality lawns. In addition, turf faces many challenges from weedy grass types and excessive shade to poor soil. Maybe your past attempts at lawn improvement have not been very successful. Take heart, you are not alone. So whether you have zoysia grass or tall fescue, Centipede grass or Kentucky bluegrass, we have you covered.

Trees and Shrubs

You will find more than just lawn information here. You can learn the latest techniques for caring for trees and shrubs too. Everything from how to plant a tree correctly, prune a young tree for sound structure, and treat insect and disease problems.

Pastures and Field Crops

Since starting this site we have gotten hundreds of calls from farmers and have included information on growing healthy pastures.

Plant Life Begins in the Soil

We specialize in knowledge of soil chemistry, soil microbes and soil biology. Microbes are responsible for breaking down elements that become nutrients. Beneficial microbes can destroy pathogenic microbes. We will show you how to maintain your soil to promote the increase of beneficial microbes. 

After years in the home turf and tree industry, I have found that the majority of people would love to have a better lawn, but just don't know what to do to make it look its best. They often turn to the wrong sources for help. It could be a well meaning neighbor or a store clerk who may not have had any real knowledge of turf management. Even some "professionals" seem to know little about turf science. As a result:

  • Many have gotten bad advice
  • Used the wrong lawn seed
  • Used the wrong fertilizer
  • Over fertilized
  • Burned their grass
  • Encouraged disease growth
  • Watered and mowed improperly
  • Used the wrong pest controls

If any of these sound familiar, don't worry. Lawn Care Academy was written for you. You will learn how to improve and care for your lawn from the soil up. Think of it as the homeowner's version of Turf Science 101.

With the current environmental concerns, lawn care is becoming more environmentally friendly. Organic and organic/synthetic blends as well as biostimulants are getting more attention. As a result, more products are being made available to the public. This is good because organic matter is an essential element in healthy lawns. It restores the beneficial microorganisms in soil that is necessary for plant life. You can learn what products are available, their benefits and limitations and the best ways to use them.

We hope you enjoy searching through the site. We are working hard to provide you with as much useful information as necessary to accomplish all your lawn care goals. Your success is our success. Before you begin, it is important to review as much information as you can. The more knowledge you have means better results and a healthier lawn.

Enjoy the site and come back often. We will always be here.

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Sitemap for Lawn Care Academy
Lawn Care Academy's Sitemap makes finding information painless. All our pages are listed for easy access.
The Lawn Care Academy Blog
Lawn Care Academy Blog offers tips and trends for every season. Zoysia, fescue, organic lawn care, fertilizers, hayfields, pastures and more.
Our Lawn Care Products
Lawn Care Academy is proud to offer these excellent lawn care products. Beautiful lawns do not occur by accident and our top quality products will keep them looking their best.
Chapin Professional Hose End Sprayer
The Chapin Hose End Sprayer is the easiest way to spray liquid biostimulants, lawn fertilizers and pesticides.
Talpirid Mole Bait kills Lawn Moles
Talpirid Mole Bait kills lawn moles by imitating their natural food - earthworms.
Turf-Type Tall Fescue Grass Seed
5 Star® grass seed Blend of Turf-Type Tall Fescue contains 5 top performing fescue varieties for a dark green lawn.
5 Star Extreme Shade Grass Seed
5 Star Extreme Shade Grass Seed
Important Grass Care Facts And Information
A resource of helpful grass care information and related tips to help develop a clear understanding of lawn grasses, how they grow and how they are used
Introduction to Grass Types
All grass types will be either a warm season and cool season grass. Find out which one is best where you live.
Introduction to Cool Season Grass
Cool season grass is a term given to various grasses that grow best in the cooler areas of the country. Each grass has unique qualities and preferred zones of adaptation.
Introduction to Warm Season Grass
Warm season grass is the name given to a number of grass species that thrive best in warmer climates. The most popular U.S species is Bermuda grass with zoysia grass coming in second.
Techniques for Overseeding Lawns
The practice of overseeding lawns is essential for maintaining your lawn’s long-term health and vibrancy. Yet it still remains one of the most overlooked disciplines by homeowners.
Watering a New Lawn the Right Way
The method we use for watering a new lawn is critical to its growth and survival. This page will give valuable tips to help ensure great results.
Deep Watering Grass on Established Turf
The How's and Why's of deep watering grass on established turf.
Lawn Thatch Problems and Solutions
Lawn thatch problems and solutions for sports turf and home lawns.
Exposing Popular Lawn Care Myths and Misconceptions
Lawn care myths abound in our culture. These errors can cost homeowners money and even harm your plants. Find out what they are and the solution to them.
Understanding Lawn Fertilizer and Fertilization
Understanding lawn fertilizer is a necessary part of lawn maintenance. The numbers on the bag represent the amount of nutrients the bag contains by weight.
Organic Lawn Fertilizer Basics
The use of organic lawn fertilizer has increased in recent years. Success with organics requires knowledge of how they work and an understanding of your grass’ needs.
Facts About Soil Microorganisms
Soil microorganisms are one of the most important elements of a healthy soil. A good lawn care program will use the many benefits of soil microbes.
All About Soil pH and Corrective materials
All plants have a preferred soil pH. This page offers sound advice on why the pH is important, how to check it, plus methods and materials for correctly adjusting soil pH
Soil Testing Methods and Results
Soil testing methods vary considerably. However, it is the results that are most important. It all begins with proper soil collection and then understanding lab analysis results.
Annual Grassy Weeds Identification and Control
Annual grassy weeds are some of the more frustrating lawn weeds homeowners will encounter. Germination should be prevented or they become very difficult to control.
Using Herbicides Safely
Herbicides, when used properly, can be an important part of the weed solution. It is extremely important that you are familiar with basic safe handling practices.
Chemical Herbicides for Home Use
There are many chemical herbicides labeled for home use. Most are very safe when used correctly. Find the best products and how to use the safely.
Noxious plants and Invasive Weeds
Noxious plants are those that harm harm agricultural lands, displace native plants, clog waterways, and resist chemical control. Find weed images and latest control methods.
Introduction to Lawn Grass Diseases
Grass diseases can devastate a lawn. Knowledge of how they develop combined with using cultural practices that discourage them will go a long way in preventing diseases.
Introduction to Turf Pests
Turf pests, such as insects as well as small animals that dig for insects, can quickly damage your lawn. Knowledge is your first defense against these pests.
Understanding Lawn Fungicides
Unfortunately, lawn fungicides are occasionally necessary. However, to best control the disease, it is important to understand how they work.
Dealing with Preemergent Failure
Understanding the reasons for preemergent failure and how to solve the problem.
Answer to Pythium Blight Lawn Disease
Pythium Blight is a disease of water-soaked lawn and too much fertilizer. See how to prevent it.
Calculating Liquid Fertilizer Rates Question
Calculating liquid fertilizer rates
Planting Around Tree Roots
Planting around tree roots and the problems you can encounter
Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungus and Turf Grass
How Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungus tremendously helps turf grow and survive.
The Types of Microorganisms in Soil
Beneficial microorganisms in soil are key to plant life. Find out what types of microorganisms are in soil and how to increase them.
Biology of Grass Seed Germination - Steps of Seed Germination
Understanding the basic biology of grass seed germination will reinforce your knowledge of planting a lawn and help answer the “Why is it done this way?” line of questions.
Calcium Chloride Uses - Dispelling Myths
There are many calcium chloride uses, but many myths about the product are abundant. See the myth busting facts.
Alfalfa Research Using Agrigro's Foliar Blend
Current Alfalfa Research Using Agrigro's Foliar Blend
Sage Grass in Pastures
Sage Grass Problems in Pastures
Cow Manure on Hayfields
Spreading cow manure on pastures to restore nutrients
Benefits of Agri-Cal Calcium on Pastures and Turf
Agri-Cal Liquid Calcium delivers immediately available calcium while making unavailable calcium available for plants.
Soil Organic Matter in Pastures
Soil organic matter is the barometer for soil health for pastures and turf. Find out how to improve your pastures.
Bill Bader Interview Discussing AgriGro Biostimulants
In this Bill Bader interview, I discuss his 20 plus years of using AgriGro Biostimulants on his farm. Bill owns the largest peach orchard in the Mid-West.
The Incredible Orchard Mason Bees
Orchard mason bees are native bees and super incredible pollinators. Find out how to attract this friendly bee to your garden.
Types of Mason Bee Houses
A detailed look at the various types of mason bee houses.
Harvesting Mason Bee Cocoons
Harvesting mason bee cocoons is one of the best things you can do for them. Find out why it is so important to the health and life of your bees.
Researching Native Bees in Missouri
See how we are researching native bees in the Missouri Ozarks and learn how to do this on your property.
Small Flower Garden Ideas
Small flower gardens can add beauty, color, and style to your lawn and home. All it takes is a bit of imagination to create your own personal oasis.
Water Garden Ponds and Streams
Water garden ponds or streams are transforming lawns into backyard sanctuaries. Find information for all aspects of building and maintaining garden ponds.
Outdoor Grill Ideas - Getting the Most From Your Charcoal or Gas Grill
Outdoor grill ideas to the rescue. Check out this handy guide for choosing the right grill based on your personal tastes.
Total Tree Care Resource for Landscape Trees and Shrubs
Lawn Care Academy also offers total tree care tips for the home landscape. You will find simple tips and instructions to feed and care for your trees and shrubs.
Complete Tree Planting Instructions for Home Lawns
Following good tree planting instructions will get your tree off to a great start.
Tree Drawings Showing How to Prune Trees
Our tree drawings show how easy it is to prune a young shade tree for sound structure. See how to develop a dominate leader and a strong trunk.
Pictorial of Agrigro Test Results
Here are some original Agrigro test results from the 80's and 90's not seen anywhere else. Agrigro's, all natural bio stimulants have been extensively tested and documented around the world.
How AgriGro Works
AgriGro is astounding! See how AgriGro works to know why it is changing our view of turf management.
Growth Products 18-3-6 Classic Fertilizer
Growth Products 18-3-6 Classic Fertilizer
Tiger Bloom Fertilizer
Tiger Bloom is a powerful fertilizer to maximize buds and blossoms for a better harvest.
Pricing a Job - A beginner Guide
New businesses have a lot of challenges with pricing a job being one. Find some advice you may not have considered.
Submitted Pricing Questions for Lawn Care
Pricing a job can be tough. Here is help from submitted pricing questions
Lowball Offers and Cost of Quoting a Job
The Lawn Care Professional - Dealing with lowball offers and the cost of giving price quotes. To charge for estimates or not.
Perennial Ryegrass with Kentucky Bluegrass Surprising Study Results
Longterm results of planting perennial ryegrass and kentucky bluegrass - You may be surprised
Grow Amazing Turf with AgriGro Turf Formula Biostimulant
See how easy it is to grow amazing turf. This video documents how well AgriGro Turf Formula really works.
Building Living Soil for Super Gardens
Building living soil is the foundation of organic gardening. See how AgriGro is leading the way through all natural biostimulants
Kayak Fishing and Lawn Care
What does kayak fishing and lawn care have in common? Absolutely nothing! That is why it is my escape and can be your too!
Visitor Testimonials for Lawn Care Academy
Visitor testimonials and kind words for the help they received from Lawn Care Academy
Excellent Lawn Care Questions and Answers
Read our top lawn care questions submitted by visitors plus my detailed answers. These pages are an excellent resource for lawn and tree care information.
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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
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Lawn Care Academy Legal Information
Lawn Care Academy legal information.
About Us
Lawn Care Academy's About Us page. Having learned the turf/arboriculturel business from the ground up, I am thrilled to share that knowledge with you.
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