5 Star Extreme
Shade Grass Seed

5 Star Extreme Shade Grass Seed
5 Star Extreme Shade Grass Seed
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5 Star Extreme Grass Seed is the best shade grass seed mix available. It contains 5 different seed types designed for light shade to full shade. The theory behind multiple seed types in one bag is if one seed type isn't doing well the other 4 will take over and fill in. If you are planting one seed type you are putting all your hope that the conditions are perfect that seed. 5 Star takes a lot of the gamble out of it. These are professional quality seed varities used on golf courses and sports turf. 

Maintaining Shade Grass is Easy

Shade grass nutrient requirements are less than full sun grasses. In fact, shade grass requires about half that of TTTF grass (Turf Type Tall Fescue). There is less photosynthetic activity happening due to less sunlight, therefore, the nutrient requirements are cut in half. Due to these conditions, it takes a grass type that can handle the lower sunlight found in shade. 

Less water is required in most cases. Shaded areas lose water more slowly and it is recommended to water deeply 1/3 to 1/2 as often as full sun grass. Because water evaporates more slowly in heavy shade it is best to water in the early morning and avoid late evening watering. This reduces disease problems with all grass types. 

Keep in mind that during the summer trees can compete for water. If your grass is showing drought stress in the shade due to trees then water more frequently. 

Let's Look at the Seed Blend

Nightcrawler Tall Fescue - It is an exceptional grass that can tolerate full sun to full deep shade. It is also a highly rhizomatous grass. Nightcrawler is one of the few tall fescue grasses than spread by rhizome production and can fill in thin areas. It is also very resistant to brown patch disease. 

Mustang 4 Tall Fescue - Mustang 4 is one of the finest quality tall fescue blends on the market. It was designed for professional use. It is a semi-dwarf variety that was specifically bred for a dark green appearance. It is low growing, drought resistant grass that can grow on low fertility soils, even salt affected soils and still maintain its beauty. It is a disease resistant grass that can handle hot summer heat. It can be mowed as low as 3/4 of an inch tall. 

Garmet Creeping Fescue - Garnet is a type of Creeping Red Fine Fescue that is dark green in color. The "creeping" in it name means it is a rhizomatous grass that produces underground horizontal stems that spread the grass. It also is believed to emit a chemical that hinders weed growth and where Garnet is growing there is less weed problems. Garnet is adapted to low fertility sites and can tolerate salt soils. If you live in a salt affected area, such as coast lines, etc. this grass will do well in shade. It is not as sun tolerant as the tall fescue grasses. 

Windward chewings Fescue - Chewings fescue was chosen due to its extremely high shade tolerance. It is a very versitile grass that can tolerate acid soil and low fertility sites. It has more sun tolerance than creeping Red, but cannot handle full sun, especially in southern locations or in California. Where this bags of seed is spread into sunny areas one of the other seed varieties will take over, such as Mustang 4 or Nightcrawler. 

Spartan II Hard Fescue - This grass was bred for high quality sites, such as golf couses, fairways, and fine home lawns. It is a highly shade tolerant grass that can handle acid soils and low fertility. It can tolerate low mowing as well. Spartan was specifically designed to resist summer patch disease. Summer Patch can be a problem on shaded turf sites due to prolonged soil moisture. 

Why Ryegrass and K. Bluegrass Are Not In The Bag

Simply because Kentucky Bluegrass has only a moderate shade tolerance. Perennial Ryegrass is even worse with a poor shade tolerance and annual ryegrass has the lowest at a very poor shade tolerance rating. 5 Star Extreme Shade Grass Seed is the very best light to heavy shade fine turf grass seed available. 

Grass Seed Varieties

Grass seed is grown by sod farmers and is a natural commodity. Most years are good, but there is an occaional bad year or if one is discontinued 5 Star will replace that variety with another that will do equally well in shade. 


The seed is sold and shipped in 10 lbs bags. We ship 10 lbs of grass seed at a flat rate of $18.00 regardless of where you are located in all 50 U.S. states, Puerto Rico or U.S. Territories. We Ship USPS and seed can be shipped to P.O. Boxes as well. 

However, heavier boxes may go FedEx. With FedEx it must be a street address and not a P.O. Box. 

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