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I value the gracious comments I receive regularly from my site's visitors. These testimonials are typical of what we receive every month. It helps validate the hours of hard work that goes into every page of our site.

We are quite pleased to see the wide range of visitors who submitted a testimonial. Most are homeowners how are looking for specific help.

Others came from turf professionals and even college or university faculty members. We are proud to be able to offer advice to all who seek it. We would like to thank all of those who took the time to write us and to express their appreciation.

Just a side note: Our contact form only asks for a first name so in many cases that is all we have. I have included the first and last name in certain situations or where permission has been granted to print their name in full.

"I started my own full service landscape maintenance company last year. I am a newly certified herbicide applicator. I provide mowing, mulching, fertilizer program, herbicide(when appropriate), pruning, etc to both residential and commercial properties… I have read many articles from various university professors from across the country. I have asked questions from seasoned veterans...

I just came across your website today. I was thrilled. Thank you for the information, counsel, tips, and suggestions. From what I've read so far, your approach to lawn care is spot on with what I'm doing here locally. I appreciate your mention of "bridge" products.

I appreciate your simple and clear descriptions of how, what, why, when on everything from spreader calibrations to amount of Nitrogen per 1000 sq ft. Great job and thank you for having a really awesome website."

Aaron Jones
Bridgeport, WV
Turf Doctor West Virginia

"This is a wonderful site. Thank you for the time you have commited to the site and for the willingness to share your knowledge."


"I just wanted to let you guys know that I really enjoyed your site! I found it very useful and you guys present your information well! keep up the great work!"

Florida Gulf Coast University

"Hi Russ, I enjoy your site. I was just reading the section on topdressing with compost. Great!"

Brad Hale
Ontario, Canada

"I was surfing around the web and found your great website. I wanted to compliment you on the great work you have done in putting this together!"

Jake Madison

"Thanks for making available this wealth of information…"

Vince C.
North Carolina

"I found your site last night and for the first time the critical elements of lawn care are beginning to click in my brain. Thanks for the site."


"Hi. I just wanted to say and that my wife and I love your site. I have spent countless hours researching information on lawn care… I would love to have a link to you from our lawn care and maintenance sections … You have some great reading for people that wish a more in depth knowledge of these subjects."

Kevin G.
Alberta, Canada

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