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A Turf Grower's Video Proof

Need visual proof of how easy it is to grow amazing turf?  Here it is! See video evidence of the power of AgriGro's Turf Formula Biostimlant.

Every once in a while a product comes along that is truely amazing. The AgriGro biostimulants are such products. What's even better is that these products are made completely from all natural ingredients. No worries about adding anything harmful to your lawn. The perfect addition to commercial lawn and landscape operators and "all natural" lawn care pros.

See how well AgriGro's Turf Formula really works and how easy it is to grow amazing turf by watching the video below.

I have heard the following statement many times, from university professors to the backyard gardeners. "Too many organic products simply do not work?" One of the biggest problems with many organics is that you are required to take it on faith that it is really working. That is not the case here, as the above video demonstrates.

People Want Results, Not Just Good Feelings

Having worked in the commercial turf and landscape industry, I can attest that people, if given a choice, will always choose the safest products first. Labels listed as "All Natural" strkes a cord with most people. The problem is, if those products do not work, people will eventually move on to other materials or methods. What people are looking for is results!

Who can blame them? If you are paying for something, you want it to work. I don't want to pay money for something labeled as all natural just to feel good about my purchase. I want the product to do what it is supposed to do. I am sure you do, too.

Give AgriGro's Turf formula a try. You will not be disappointed. It is specially designed for the needs of turf.

Turf Formula was originally marketed and sold to the professional sports and commercial turf industry. This is the reason for the five gallon box it comes in. However, at Lawn Care Academy, we are offering it to homeowners and professionals alike. The product has a four year shelf life.

Cannot use five gallons over four years? No problem. You might consider purchasing the smaller sized Bountiful Harvest Biostimulant in the size container you need.

Now, get this. Bountiful Harvest Biostimulant is no second rate product just because it comes in smaller packages. It is the same as AgriGro's most popular selling biostimulant, the Foliar Blend Biostimulant, but packaged in smaller containers. Foliar Blend is used by farmers around the world on grass, wheat, soybeans, corn, fruit trees, and on every type of crop you can imagine. Bountiful Harvest Biostimulant can be used on turf, as well as, all your trees, vegetables, and flowering plants with fantastic results.

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