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Every year we get hundreds of emails and calls from people looking for help on their lawns, pastures, and more - everything from lawn diseases to technical questions about fertility. Sometimes we spend a great amount of time with back and forth dialog to ensure we have diagnosed the problem as best as we can. Some people contact us dozens of times over the years. We have a fairly high success rate, especially for never having visited anyone's lawn or farm. This takes time and we are one of the only sites that will do that for free or even do it at all.

Sadly, to date, we have had only a handful of people ever donate and only about 60% even bother to thank us for the effort we put into it. Very soon we will no longer be able to do this for free.

We have never asked anyone for a donation, this page is the only place where you will see anything about donating. We will continue to do this as long as we can for free. Therefore, we are asking for help from those we have helped. If you can possibly give anything, please consider donating that we can continue to give of our time to help others with their lawn problems.

Have you ever thought to donate to a site that has offered so much to help others?

Lawn Care Academy's primary goal is to offer as much information as we can to help homeowners and pros in the business to better understand lawn care. Some who have never had a good looking lawn before now have the best lawn in the neighborhood. It just takes a little know-how is all.

Our Site's Purpose

This site is primarily informational. We provide information that has been gained from actual experience in the field. We know what can go wrong because it has. We also know how to do it right.

In addition to page content, we also spend a lot of time answering personal emails from visitors whom are seeking specific answers to their questions. To my knowledge we have never failed to answer a single email. The only unanswered emails are from spammers and those seeking to sell something.

Therefore, about 95% of the people visiting here and through countless personal emails are those looking for a better way to perform a task. This is why Lawn Care Academy exists.

However, informational sites often struggle to keep the site available for free. Costs of business are always going up.

With this in mind, we ask that if you have been helped by this site, and many have, we would love for you to donate a small amount. Just $5 or $10 or more once a year would go a long way to help us continue providing helpful information to our visitors.

We Occasionally Partner with Charitable Organizations

At times we will also be partnering with others, such as cancer research, so a portion of what you donate can go to help others as well.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Donate for a Cause

A donation of any size helps keep our product research and website going and keeps information coming to you free!