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Lawn care can be dangerous if you are not certain how to handle equipment properly or when operating in a careless manner, if equipment is used on unsafe terrain, when using broken or improperly maintained equipment or when using certain chemical products. If you are unsure how to perform a lawn care related activity or if you are unfamiliar with how equipment is to be used, please consult with you local extension office or a lawn care or turf specialist. If you are unsure how to correctly use a herbicide or pesticide, please consult with your local extension office or a certified pesticide expert for advice. We want everyone to be safe.

The decision to implement any information found at or from newsletters, blogs, etc is the sole decision of the reader.

At Lawn Care Academy, we try hard to make sure the information provided to you is accurate and correct. However, there may be unintentional errors. If we see them or they are pointed out to us, we will make every effort to verify and correct them.

Lawn Care Academy makes no guarantees and accepts no liability for inaccuracies or errors this website may contain whether posted by staff or by users, directly or indirectly related to this site. Again, it is our pledge to always try hard to give updated and accurate information.

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