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AgriGro Ultra is a OMRI Certified Organic Plant and Soil Fertility Booster. Ultra is 100% environmentally safe for your plants, kids, and pets.

This is not one of your grandfather's organic products.

Scientifically formulated, AgriGro Ultra will help change the way you look at plant health. Although Ultra, like the other AgriGro products, is not a fertilizer, it contains many essentail micronutrients. The stimulation of soil microbes mineralize soil elements and will make fertilizers more effective. AgriGro Ultra will quickly cause a massive increase in microbial activity in the soil.

A basic rule in soil microbiology is "the environment selects". This means that soil type, soil chemistry, temperature, etc. will naturally "select" the specific soil microorganisms that will exist in your soil. Unlike other products that add groups of beneficial bacteria to the soil, which may or may not survive based on your soil chemistry, "Ultra" greatly stimulates the bacteria that already exists. It does, however, contain beneficial mycorrhiza fungi, that inhabit the roots and absorb water and minerals.

The stimulation of soil microorganisms begin saturating the soil with organic nutrients, organic acids, and amino acids through the mineralization of raw soil elements and through the exchange of plant fluids and gases.

AgriGro Ultra also contains beneficial mycorrhizal fungi. Mycorrizal fungi invade the roots of plants and aid in the absorption and uptake of water and nutrients. They also protect the roots from pathogenic bacteria and parasitic nematodes. Mycorrhizal fungi can literally extend the reach of roots as it colonizes the roots system and reach out into the soil. They are an essential fungi that make a big difference in plant health and stress levels.

In addition to highly stimulated soil microbes, Ultra contains natural plant enzymes and hormones, amino acids, complex carbohydrates, and other ingredients. It can safely be applied to all your plants, including garden vegetables.

Remember, adding Super-Cal all natural liquid calcium can add an important element to your soil. Unlike most soil calcium (lime) products, Super-Cal is immediately available to plants. Plus, Super-Cal contains natural organic acids that dissolve unavailable lime into calcium plants can use. University agricultural tests in Illinois showed that one gallon of Super-Cal can produce 500 lbs of available calcium. Super-Cal is an excellent companion to AgriGro Ultra. See Super-Cal page below.

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Bountiful Harvest Biostimulant

Bountiful Harvest Biostimulant

All Natural Bountiful Harvest Biostimulant may be the best thing that can happen to your plants. Scientifically formulated by harvesting the essential plant by-products of areobic and anarobic bacteria activity. It contains essential hormones, amino acids, complex carbohydrates, proteins, micronutrients, and more. It promotes root growth, plant and fruit growth, increases disease resistance, and plant health.

If you are looking for a powerful biostimulant packaged in smaller containers, this is for you. Check out the link below.

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AgriGro's Turf Formula Biostimulant

Turf Formula from AgriGro

Turf Formula Biostimulant is specifically formulated for all types of sports turf, home lawns, schools, parks, or anywhere grass and plants grow.

It is currently used on many golf greens and tees around the country and is now available for home lawns. It contains essential micro-nutrients and natural root and plant hormones, proteins, complex carbohydrates, amino acids and more.

Find out how this product can make a difference in your turf program.

Turf Formula can be combined with Super Cal for maximum benefit to both plants and microorganisms.

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AgriGro's Foliar Blend Biostimulant

AgriGro's Foliar Blend Biostimulant

Foliar Blend Biostimulant is AgriGro's all-time best selling product. It is used by farmers and growers on thousands of farms in the U.S. and in 49 countries around the world. It is now available to homeowners, community gardens, home and commercial orchards, nurseries, or anyone in need of a foliar blend biostimulant.

Need proof? Check out the Bill Bader Interview. Bill owns the largest peach orchard in the Mid-West, over 1100 acres and 110,000 peach trees. He has used Foliar Blend and Super-Cal for over 20 years with great success.

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Super-Cal Liquid Calcium

Super-Cal Liquid Calcium

AgriGro "Ultra" is an OMRI Certified Organic Plant and Soil Fertility Booster and Biostimulant. It can be applied to the soil, seeds, or sprayed on the plants. It works by rapidly increasing soil microbial activity, increasing root and plant health. It contains ingredients derived from seaweed; hormones and amino acids derived from anarobic and arobic bacteria, micronutrients, and more.

This All Natural Organic Formula is a great addition to the organic gardner, organic lawn care operations, and growers of all types concerned about what is going into the soil. You can increase available soil nutrients and stimulating root and plant growth, while lowering additional fertilizer requirements. It can be used on trees, vegetables, flowers, or most anything you grow.

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Super-Cal Liquid Calcium Information and Ordering

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