From lawn to farm,
we know that beautiful grass does not occur by accident,
it is created.

Professional Advice for
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Lawn Care Academy was developed to offer helpful advice to all who have dreamed of having a great looking lawn or pasture. It is all here, from the proper way to do a soil test to developing a complete fertilization program. You will find everything you need to know to do it correctly and safely. A beautiful lawn is a work of art, a joy to look at, and a pleasure to play on. It increases your home's curb appeal and raises property values.

Home Lawn Care to Sports Turf

Let's face it. Beautiful lawns have never occurred by accident. Nature alone can't produce quality lawns. In addition, turf faces many challenges from weedy grass types and excessive shade to poor soil. Maybe your past attempts at lawn improvement have not been very successful. Take heart, you are not alone. So whether you have zoysia grass or tall fescue, Centipede grass or Kentucky bluegrass, we have you covered.

Trees and Shrubs

You will find more than just lawn information here. You can learn the latest techniques for caring for trees and shrubs too. Everything from how to plant a tree correctly, prune a young tree for sound structure, and treat insect and disease problems.

Pastures and Field Crops

Since starting this site we have gotten hundreds of calls from farmers and have included information on growing healthy pastures.

Plant Life Begins in the Soil

We specialize in knowledge of soil chemistry, soil microbes and soil biology. Microbes are responsible for breaking down elements that become nutrients. Beneficial microbes can destroy pathogenic microbes. We will show you how to maintain your soil to promote the increase of beneficial microbes. 

After years in the home turf and tree industry, I have found that the majority of people would love to have a better lawn, but just don't know what to do to make it look its best. They often turn to the wrong sources for help. It could be a well meaning neighbor or a store clerk who may not have had any real knowledge of turf management. Even some "professionals" seem to know little about turf science. As a result:

  • Many have gotten bad advice
  • Used the wrong lawn seed
  • Used the wrong fertilizer
  • Over fertilized
  • Burned their grass
  • Encouraged disease growth
  • Watered and mowed improperly
  • Used the wrong pest controls

If any of these sound familiar, don't worry. Lawn Care Academy was written for you. You will learn how to improve and care for your lawn from the soil up. Think of it as the homeowner's version of Turf Science 101.

With the current environmental concerns, lawn care is becoming more environmentally friendly. Organic and organic/synthetic blends as well as biostimulants are getting more attention. As a result, more products are being made available to the public. This is good because organic matter is an essential element in healthy lawns. It restores the beneficial microorganisms in soil that is necessary for plant life. You can learn what products are available, their benefits and limitations and the best ways to use them.

We hope you enjoy searching through the site. We are working hard to provide you with as much useful information as necessary to accomplish all your lawn care goals. Your success is our success. Before you begin, it is important to review as much information as you can. The more knowledge you have means better results and a healthier lawn.

Enjoy the site and come back often. We will always be here.

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Here's What Others are Saying About Us:

"Russ, I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes! My fields were loaded with sage but after I used the Calcium and Foliar Blend my sage is gone. Just two years and I am lucky if I can find one bail with sage in it"

Lynwood Bridges, Virginia

"I turned to you several times before this year for advice about control of Nutsedge, Bermuda grass and the difficulty we have here in S. C. growing fescue lawns. In each case, you provided the best advice I have heard or seen in my 33 years in lawn care. Thanks again!"

Jim Kurfess, S.Carolina


I have dealt with the public for seventy years, and you my friend are the very best.

Thanks for the help.

B. Baker, Tennessee

...I just came across your website today. I was thrilled. Thank you for the information, counsel, tips, and suggestions. From what I've read so far, your approach to lawn care is spot on...

Aaron Jones
Bridgeport, WV
Turf Doctor West Virginia

"Hi Russ, I enjoy your site. I was just reading the section on topdressing with compost. Great!"

Brad Hale
Ontario, Canada

"I found your site last night and for the first time the critical elements of lawn care are beginning to click in my brain. Thanks for the site."


"Can't thank you enough for the wealth of information you've generated. I've put together my plan for my lawn care/fertilizing for this year based on what I think I've absorbed from your site. You have explained so much and when the soil sample information comes back I have a better understanding of what it entails."


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