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    *Agri-Cal is the name given to larger Containers of Liquid Calium, those generally used on farms or large orchards, etc. It is the same as Super Cal Liquid Calcium.

    Important Notice: Super-Cal Liquid Calcium can be mixed with most insecticides, fungicides, and liquid fertilizers.

    However, it **cannot** be mixed with Phosphates and Sulfates. The product may gel or possibly bind together making it less effective. For example, Super-Cal cannot be mixed with "Round-up Herbicide", active ingredient is Gyphosate, or Ammonium Sulfate fertilizer. If you are unsure, always do a jar test before mixing. Contact us if you have questions.

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    Super-Cal Liquid Calcium Information

    Super Cal Liquid Calcium is an immediate source of calcium that can be used by plants from the first day it is applied.

    All plants and beneficial soil bacterial need calcium in large amounts for health and vitality. Soil calcium is necessary for maximum soil bacteria activity, stronger plants, better fruit, brighter flowers, and more.

    Important Fact: Simple soil pH tests will test for potential hydrogen (what pH stands for). For lime to be converted to plant nutrients it must release hydrogen, but will not show the complete picture of amount of plant available calcium. It is not uncommon for soil tests to show ample calcium, while most of it remains unavailable to plants. Calcium has no benefit unless it can be taken up through the roots. Super-Cal Liquid Calcium provides that immediately available calcium boost plants often need.

    A proprietary blend of organic acids in Super-Cal will break down unavailable calcium so for the next 90 to 100 days it will continue to deliver calcium. Calcium is required in the largest quantities by plants compared to all other nutrients and make up 60% to 70% of the soil's saturation of cations.

    What Super-Cal Liquid Calcium is Used for:

    • Super-Cal is 40,000 times more soluble than the Calcium in Lime**
    • Calcium Improves Nutrient Availability and Uptake
    • Super-Cal Penetrates Throughout The Entire Root Zone
    • Slight Adjustments to Soil pH Due to The Organic Acids.
    • Needed for Beneficial Microorganisms, Especially Beneficial Bacteria.
    • Strengthens Cell Walls and Makes Firmer Fruit and Vegetables
    • Calcium is Necessary for Root growth
    • Increases Water Penetration and Drainage
    • Necessary for Production of Proteins, DNA Function, and More

    **While lime has about 30% calcium, it is very insoluble and rarely works down into the soil more than 3/4" when spread over the surface of grass.

    Super-Cal Liquid Calcium easily mixes with all our All Natural Biostimulants for even a greater effect. This combination is used by farmers in 49 countries around the world.

    Here are a few links to show how well the calcium and biostimulants work.

    Bill Bader Peaches

    Here is the Problem and the Solution

    While the most commonly applied soil calcium is in the form of limestone or gypsum products, it can take up to two years for added lime to become available to plants, depending on what was used.

    In contrast, Super Cal Liquid Calcium is a highly soluble calcium concentrate that is mixed with water and can be sprayed directly on plants and soil. Soil calcium strengthens plant cell walls, increases disease resistance, is absolutely necessary for root growth and elongation and is needed for soil microorganisms to thrive.

    Why use Super Cal Liquid Calcium? It is easily applied with any type of pump garden sprayer, electric sprayer, or even a sprinkling can. Not only does it supply an immediate source of calcium, but it contains organic chelating agents that converts your soil's insoluble lime into plant available calcium. This increases the overall calcium available to plants and makes soil more productive.

    Super Cal Liquid Calcium Improves Nitrogen Uptake

    Less nitrogen may be needed when calcium is applied. Texas A&M Agricultural Experiment Station showed improved uptake of ammonium and urea nitrogen (urea converts to ammonium in the soil) when applied with calcium.

    They calculated that the application rate is 1/2 pound of Super Cal liquid calcium to 1 pound of nitrogen. In studies, this rate of calcium increased crop yields by 14% to 70% for a wide range of crops, while reducing the amount of nitrogen applied! This is great news for us and for the environment.

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    Need proof? Check out the Bill Bader Interview. Bill owns the largest peach orchard in the Mid-West, over 1100 acres and 110,000 peach trees. He has used Foliar Blend and Super-Cal for over 20 years with great success.

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    Agri-Cal Calcium Testamonial

    "I sprayed Agri-Cal Calcium on the pastures, but left some parts unsprayed because I wanted to see if there was a difference. I noticed the cattle were ignoring the unsprayed parts and were eating from the pasture I had sprayed with calcium. It must have been sweeter tasting to them and clearly does work. I am very happy with it." (Via a Telephone Conversation)

    Eddie L. - Trion GA

    (For even more Information on how Agri-Cal can benefit your pastures, field crops, and plants, Click Here.

    AgriGro Calcium Vs Lime

    Super-Cal Calcium is highly soluble, 40,000 times more soluble than calcium in lime and is immediately available.

    Lime takes up to 2 years to break down. When spread over turf or grass it rarely penetrates more than 3/4" into the soil. Lime is best when rototilled into the soil, but that is not possible on turf or on pastures.

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