Beautiful Lantana Confetti
There's Nothing Like Them

Lantana Confetti are simply amazing! They are one of my all-time favorites. Confetti are easy to care for and very drought tolerant. When planted in good soil they need little or no additional nutrients. They can even survive with only a little additional irrigation. That alone is enough to try these plants, but this is still not the reason I like these plants so much.

So why do I like Lantana Confetti so much? They grow fast and are incredible bloomers. The picture above shows confetti filling an eight foot long planter. Now get this, I started the spring with just 4 six inch tall plants planted in one row! By mid-summer they had filled in all the gaps. The recommended spacing on these plants is 36 inches apart.

However, if you space them 24 inches apart you can make a solid row. But there's more. If you want to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and other beneficial insects to your property, confetti will do it.

Here are Other facts on Lantana confetti

Origin: Lantanas are native to North America.

Lantana Confetti are Hardy Summer Long Bloomers

Flowers: Multiple clusters of pink, red, yellow, purple flowers. Individual clusters will often have more than one color pattern.

Bloom: They will bloom from the time of planting until the first or second hard frost.

Exposure: Full sun.

Stems and foliage: On mature plants stems are strong and woody. They can take strong winds and a lot of punishment. Leaves are dark green.

Edible: No. The plants is supposed to be toxic to pets. Therefore, I would think they are just as toxic to people.

Height: Plants can grow to over 24 inches tall and can fill up or overtake a small space. Space plants at 36 inches apart or a bit closer for a tight group.

Drought Tolerance: Lantana Confetti are very drought tolerant and will survive very well without additional irrigation during summer vacations, etc.

Soil: Will tolerate most soils, but prefers fertile, well-drained soils.
Fertility: Light fertilization is all they need.

Cautions in Tropical Climates: Lantana is an annual in most of the U.S. and Canada, but can act as a perennial in tropical or semi-tropical climates. In these warmer climates it can become invasive. Where it acts as a perennial it can actually grow to be a short shrub with year long blooms in warm climates. Shrubs can be trimmed and shaped at any time of year.

If you live in a warm or tropical climate, be sure to check to see if it is legal to plant this species of Lantana where you live.

Planting Confetti in Containers: In my experience, Confetti does not do as well in pots as they do in the ground. Lantana planted in my patio containers did not put on any additional branches. Existing branches extended in length is all. However, cutting the branches could force branching and you may have better luck with containers,

Additional Notes

Lantana Confetti will do well without additional fertilization. However, they can excel with additional plant fertilizer. In poor soil the flowers will be more vibrant and increase number with proper care and added fertilization.

Here's what I do: I will take a wheelbarrow full of horse manure and rototill it into my small flower gardens before planting. (I have a small farm.) The additional organic material benefits the soil and the added nutrients increase plant growth.

I also use AgriGro biostimulants in low doses on all my plants. The increased microorganisms break down the organic material in the soil much faster, releasing even more nutrients. There are many more benefits to using biostimulants. As a result, I have gotten far bigger plants with far more flowers. The differences have been numerous.

For more information on AgriGro biostimulants, please see our page on AgriGro Products.

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