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One of the nations best lawn care and turf management websites, Lawn Care Academy, is for sale due to retirement. The owner is a turf specialist with experience in most turf species and conditions that help and hinder their growth. The sites has more than 150 pages of detailed information to help with almost any problem that can occur in turf management.

Being one of the leading lawn care sites on the web we are sad to see it go, but due to future retirement plans we are offering it for sale. If you are someone with a keen interest in lawn care, turf and tree management or someone with knowledge of plant science and pastures and would like an online presence in the industry, contact me. Every month we get thousands of visitor in search for answers and we have received thousands of questions as well. 

We started Lawn Care Academy well over a decade ago and have built a strong presence in the turf and lawn care industry. In the last few years we added information on pastures to help farmers to grow better hayfields. We now receive as many questions from farmers as we do homeowners. Over the years we have received questions on everything from how to:

  • grass seed including when and what to plant
  • understanding fertilizer numbers and rates
  • plant ID
  • soil chemistry problems
  • interpreting soil test results
  • weed control
  • tree science
  • hay field management
  • and thousands of other questions

Our pages are based on rock solid science as well as personal experience in the field and can answer most of these questions. We have also tested products for companies and given reports on the results. In addition, many counties extension offices refer us to their clients as a source for answers. 

The website, Lawn Care Academy, was not intended to be a sales gimmick to make a lot of money, but was here to provide answers and help to anyone looking to have a beautiful lawn, no matter where they live. As a turf specialist, helping others was out primary goal. We have even written the turf management content for another site to help put them on the map as a turf specialist. 

However, money is needed to keep things going. We have for sale a few products to help keep the website up and going strong. If you have your own products you can integrate them into the site. Since you will have people coming here for answers, selling products will be much easier. 

If you are interested in inquiring about Lawn Care Academy, contact me using our contact form and we can discuss it. Please include your contact information and I will return your call. 

Russ James

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